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Originally Posted by pug02 View Post
It isn't the best kit for PvE. Enemy Neutralization is the best. You can pump out much more damage and stay mobile. There is an easy way to demonstrate this. (which I have tested). One engineer runs one kit while the other runs a different kit and we can do an STF. The final DPS makes it clear that Enemy Neutralization by far out does the damage of Fabrication Specialist. With a team that moves fast (which my fleet does) the mortars and turrets will maybe get one volley off by the time the group dies. They will be out of range for the second group and you still won't have the ability to place more down.

Just to let you know, we drop Armek in under 20 seconds, including all of his talking. Most people running Fabrication Specialist might do about 40 DPS. I can sustain 110 DPS. I am sorry, this use to be a decent kit when you could kit switch. But running with a good group, that is outputting solid DPS numbers, makes this kit pathetic. Mortars tend to miss, since the group is dead before the mortar hits.
What if you use x3 mortars and x3 turrets? Is the Enemy Neutralization still really higher? I never looked into it so was wondering if you compared basic kits or used doffs, I am not even sure what doffs work with Neutralization but I seem to recall there are some.

Not sure where you get 40dps from. In 20 seconds that?s 24 shots from 3 morters at 622.5 damage per shot. So that?s 14,940 damage in 20 seconds or 747dps without crits. Are you playing Elite as I rarely have morter miss's on Elite.

Morters have such long range they will hit far more then 1 volly and 1 group. Turrets I agree are hard to use with fast teams but morters you just dump on ground and use them for the next 3+ rooms.

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