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11-28-2012, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by peter1z9 View Post
Well I found yet another bug for Second Wave.

It has finally let me out of the conference room. Now when I get to the very end in the docking bay and kill the Elder it doesn't highlight the wall hatch and give me the option of returning to my ship. I went back and made sure all the ambassadors followed me to the docking bay and still wasn't able to go back to my ship for the space battle.

Something somewhere is causing this mission to hang up in a few places.
I've had this happen several times running this mission along with significant latency.

I've run several traceroutes and I'm seeing the same lag spikes in the same relay.

Therefore, I surmise given the combination of the two that this may be caused by server latency and the server not properly updating your mission progress.
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