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11-28-2012, 01:23 AM
Pvpers spend the most amount of $ for all those toys (edit: mainly because pve even in elite is a piece of cake with non pay to win gear, so other than esthetics, why would somebody get a pay to win item?). Even if we don't buy every single item/ship, I bet we spend on average x times more than a pveer (where x > 2). So, even if consoles/box ships are common gear pve-pvp, it's cryptic's intention not to have separate gear, mainly due to maintainability issues and cash gain. In a game like mwo, where pvp is the only choice, balance is easier to reach. But in sto, as long as pvp and pve have same gear, slightly overpowered items will keep being released due to the feel of having an edge by the buyer. Blackjack posted few months ago a nice link regarding to release of overpowered items. Pretty much you buy x item, that gives a slight edge and doesn't have a hard counter. Then people work around it, find some effective counters, everybody starts to find out about them and that item becomes obsolete. Then it's time for a new overpowered item. And people will also find other counters. Meantime the company (cryptic in this case) makes lots of money. Pretty much this model of pay to win will never cease to exist.

I am personally for a separate pvp gear, but due to the above reasons, I doubt it will ever happen.
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