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It's not just a case of one run and saying something's up. I'm running Archer a Hell of a lot - enough for that clear pattern to appear. It was the same when I was doing it in an Advanced Escort and a Negh'Var. Which is mind boggling, because the White Medic should have worked awesome with the 2500 crew of the Negh'Var versus the Green Nurse with only 150 crew on the Advanced Escort.

That was not the case. The Negh'Var bled crew even faster than the Mirror Vor'cha does. The Advanced Escort stayed above 75% better than the Mirror Assault does.

None of this makes any sense to me. Maybe I'm being an idiot, maybe I'm massively overlooking something or doing something massively wrong in the calculations. Maybe one of the previous devs hated the KDF and secretly coded something to increase the proc rate against KDF - I don't know. Only know what I've experienced..
Imagine if you were in a Carrier of all things.. The Vor'quv, Recluse, and Atrox I think all have like 5k Crew?
You think that your beta test was bad?
Think about this:
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