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ir'Menae, A, Captain, C/O USS S'harien, C/O Relief Force Sierra
OEH-477, M, Captain, C/O USS Bethune, Relief Force Sierra
Philharmonica, O, Commander, C/O USS Allegrezza, Relief Force Sierra

To: Admiral Schmidt
Fleet Command, Tau Dewa Operations
Starbase 234

Overall Situtation

The situation at Mol'Rihan is stable, and, should continue to slowly improve. Additional forces may be required in the area in the future, but no further deployment is currently needed or wanted. Specific reports follow.

Diplomatic Situation

The initial reaction to the Relief Force's arrival was, naturally, wary. However, as Command no doubt intended, my presence as both a Reman and the relationship developed earlier with Obisek during the Hakeev incident allayed many of their fears, especially amongst the Reman population. Ambassador T'Pia's gift of a pre-Reformation S'harien sword was well considered, these weapons holding a special place in Romulan culture.
As further assistance was given, relations with the Mol'Rihannsu has improved.
Mol'Rihannsu relations with the Klingon Empire also proceed well, although the presence of rebel Klingon and Gorn forces in the sector has caused relations between the two to develop slower than they have with us.

Military Situation

The Tau Dewa region as a whole is under frequent attack by numerous forces. Hirogen, Tholian, Nausicaan, Orion, Klingon and Gorn forces have been sighted, along with Romulan vessels under Tal Shiar control. According to KDF sources on Mol'Rihan, the Klingon, Gorn and Orion forces operating in the region are not acting with the support of the KDF.
New Romulus itself is under frequent attack by Tal Shiar, Tholian and Hirogen forces, although the Mol'Rihannsu and Reman forces are keeping their operation combined to outlying areas.
There is a lack of intelligence regarding the Tholian and Hirogen operations on the planet, although the motives of the Tal Shiar are understood and attached later.
The Mol'Rihan forces in the region are limited in size and resources, mostly concentrated around the colony. Their outlying patrols are frequently engaged by superior forces and take continual losses. The establishment of various bases around Mol'Rihan has been discussed, but the Mol'Rihannsu lack the resources to construct such facilities at this time.

- Cpt. ir'Menae

Scientific Situation

While not considered an important aspect to this mission, there have been several discoveries in this area, as well as several anomalies that warrant further investigation. New Romulus' wildlife as a whole is generally of interest to xenobiology, and the data gathered on these creatures' natural resistance to extreme radiation has suggested several new approaches that might, with further development, aid in other colonisation efforts. The local lifeforms called nanov in particular may significantly aid colonisation efforts on hazardous worlds.

Medical Situation

Fortunately, the Romulans have already establised medical and sanitation facilities needed for a colony of this size, and maintain these systems well. There appears to be no native illnesses that can affect vulcanoid physiologies, althought accidental and combat injuries are rising as the various hostile forces on the planet expand operations. The colony's population level is slowly rising, although a large increase in the population could easily strain the infrastructure currently in place.
While medical assistance is uneeded outside of post-combat injuries, the colony's facilities need to be expanded and enhanced to support a larger population.

- Cpt. OEH-477

Engineering Situation

Much of the colony on New Romulus is under construction or is simply temporary until proper structures can be established. Housing, sanitation and power facilities are the most developed, although there is a significant lack of infrastructure.
While suitable for now, medical facilities on the colony currently consist of temporary structures. We have been assisting the colonials with the construction of their first permament hospital, and, barring unforseen circumstances, the facility should open in two months and be capable of administering to a much larger population than the colony currently holds.
Outside of this, many of the colonial Romulans lack formal training and we have established various short courses in specific fields.

- Cmdr. Philharmonica

- Security Clearance Required

Intelligence Report

The New Romulus colony appears to be sincere in its peaceful intentions. Security recordings from colony leader D'Tan's office reveal that the Tal Shiar has attempted to influence the leader and has been refused. There are unconfirmed reports of a Tal Shiar bases in the mountains near to the colony which will be investigated. Politically, there appears to be two powers in the colony's leadership - D'Tan, who commands the respect of the Romulan population, and Obisek, who leads the Reman forces and supports D'Tan. There is currently a lack of public dissent, which appears to be due to widespread agreement with the colony's leaders rather than from any attempt by D'Tan to control the population. Several Tal Shiar agents have been found amongst the colonial population, but these operatives have so far refused to reveal any information concerning their activities. If the Tal Shiar base in the Vastaam Peaks exists as I think it does, it will be the best chance we have at obtaining solid data on their operations here.
Also of note, the KDF forces operating in this sector appear to hint at some form of instability in the Empire. We have observed Klingon, Gorn, Nausicaan and Orion vessels firing on New Romulus, Federation and other KDF forces. While the Orions and Nausicaans appear to merely be pirates, the Klingon and, especially, Gorn forces are ofinterest. The instability that a Gorn rebellion would cause to the Empire could provide Starfleet with significant opportunities.

- Cmdr. Philharmonica