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Originally Posted by davidhadar460 View Post
I can't find the 6th group of Romulans in the caverns in One Upon a Time II. Please help!!
The Romulan squads in the cavern should be as follows:
1 squad in the first corridor
2 squads in the first room
1 squad in the second corridor
and the final 2 squads in the last room

If they are not all there then this may be a bug that occurred when the mission loaded and you might have to restart the mission. I apologize for this but it is not a bug that was caused by me sometimes it just happens, even on Cryptic authored missions.

I just played the mission to ensure that they were all present and in my playthrough they were. Sorry again, but try restarting the mission. I know it's a pain, but like I said, random bug that can't really be helped on my end.

I hope that you at least enjoy the mission and choose to play through it fully, despite this error.

Thank you


Update: On a second play through I got that error. I don't know why, but the 6th squad still appeared on my map when I beamed into the cavern, but then they disappeared and I was unable to finish that part of the mission. I will have a look once the Foundry is fully online once again and see if I can do anything to prevent this from occurring (perhaps removing the 6th squad all together).
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