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11-28-2012, 12:45 AM
I really don't see much imbalance in STO... no, I'm serious, I don't...

To break it down, we have at least four kinds of balance.

1. Faction Balance: Fed vs Kling balance
- This is the question of "Do one faction have a general advantage over the other?"
- KDF ships are in general a bit weaker, but with leech and cloak, it's pretty even

2. Captain Class Balance: Tac vs Eng vs Sci
- This is arguably a thorn in our side. This is one part of STO that may be unbalanced.

3. Ability/Counter Balance: Damage/Heal, Debuff/Clear
- This is the question of "if you do X, is there something to answer it with?"
- In general, not too bad

4. Effect vs. Opportunity Cost
- Is this t4 ability stronger than the other t4 abilities, pets, doffs etc.? Is this pet stronger than the other pets? What do you sacrifice by choosing a ship with pets vs what you gain? etc.
- STO errs a lot here, but mostly on the side of caution.
- Boff abilities: Many underpowered, but none significantly overpowered.
- Pets: You can now have pets without significan sacrifices being made. This makes extremely powerful pets available at low cost. Big balance issue.
- Weapon types/variations: Nothing really out of line.

5. Passives: Doffs and captain abilities.
- Captain Traits: Acc and Elusive are out of balance with everything else.
- Doffs: The bar has been raised, and there are no single OP doff. Many underpowered, but that's not a problem.
- Rep system: Remains to be seen.