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Further, there's this:

Hull Repair Rate - my active Fed & my active KDF

Both have 104 Hull Repair skill. Neither has Techie. Neither has any passives boosting it.

On stripped ships (only a Mk I Impulse Engine equipped).

Light Cruiser: 10947 Hull, 200 Crew, 119.4% Hull Repair
Light Science: 10947 Hull, 80 Crew, 119.4% Hull Repair
Escort: 16421 Hull, 50 Crew, 99.5% Hull Repair
Heavy Escort: 23948 Hull, 100 Crew, 99.5% Hull Repair
Tactical Escort: 31218 Hull, 50 Crew, 99.5% Hull Repair
Advanced Escort: 40301 Hull, 150 Crew, 99.5% Hull Repair
Mirror Assault: 50701 Hull, 1000 Crew, 143.3% Hull Repair

Norgh: 19158 Hull, 75 Crew, 119.4% Hull Repair
K't'inga: 28737 Hull, 800 Crew, 131.3% Hull Repair
Vor'cha: 37461 Hull, 1500 Crew, 131.3% Hull Repair
Negh'Var: 50701 Hull, 2500 Crew, 131.3% Hull Repair
Mirror Vor'cha: 46801 Hull, 1500 Crew, 131.3% Hull Repair

Neither Hull nor total Crew affect the Hull Repair rate that. It's based off of a percentage of crew remaining. 100% crew = 100% hull repair rate, etc, etc, etc.

Different ship classes have a different modifier to that hull repair rate. This isn't something that I've seen on STOwiki - nor is it anything I've really seen discussed on the forums (though it's likely, people discuss all sorts of things).

So two things come to mind with this...

First - is there some ship modifier (hidden) for the subsystem repair as well?

Second - is about the value of crew recovery in relationship to ship type and the effectiveness of a Nurse/Medic. Given the previous crew loss proc information depending on crew size and given the ship modifiers to hull repair - if you're in an Escort with 99.5% hull repair (100% crew) and sporting that small starting crew size... meh, what's the point, eh? Compare that to a Cruiser with the 143.3% and a larger starting crew. Then compare that to a Battle Cruiser, where it might have a larger crew - but it's got a smaller modifier from that crew.

Depending on how that loss proc and crew recovery actually work (and depending on if there's a hidden subsystem repair modifier) - well, there's certain ships where it doesn't make sense to use a Nurse/Medic...right?

I'm trying to think what could explain the following I mentioned earlier:

The Advanced Escort had the best chance of keeping the most crew and needing the least amount of hull heals - even better than the Mirror Assault.
The Mirror Vor'cha with the same modifier but fewer crew - bleeds crew less than the Negh'var.

Defense, eh? More misses on the Advanced Escort than the MAC? More misses on the MVB than the Negh?

Heh, maybe if I were a skilled pilot and the testing wasn't done in PvE where I pretty much sit there facing the target while watching Still, it might explain it... trying to be honest here, and that's a viable possibility to explain those.

Still, is there a hidden subsystem repair modifier based on ship type like there's a hull repair modifier? How exactly does the loss proc and crew recovery work? With things like that answered, it should be easy enough for anybody to look at the ship they're flying to see whether they should bother with a Nurse/Medic...and whether they should shell out for the better quality or spend that money elsewhere first - picking up the better DOFF as money allows.
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