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Originally Posted by trueprom3theus View Post
Well, it's good they can find time to fix scarfs and other crap...
I wish my Bat'leth didn't cut my right arm off repeatedly while running. It's not that big a deal on my Fed, since I prefer the Naus blade - but I went to Gre'thor and back for that Bat'leth on my KDF.

BTW, it's clear that PWE needs a means to monetize PvP before they will put any major effort into it. With lock boxes, ship sales for consoles, etc, etc, etc - being a primary means of making money from the game for them - it doesn't bode well for PvP when those things are among the list of complaints.

If you want them to improve PvP, come up with ideas to help them take your money in ways that you're more comfortable with them taking it...

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