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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
Personally, as fun as this combination is, I have to admit, it does feel abit broken, while of course balanced, it still might be abit scary..

Auxilery to the Battery x2, and Technician Doffs x3.

They put EVERY bridge officer power (Except for Photonic Officer) on it's Global Cool down with repeated uses, including each other!

Use this with something like Eject Warp Plasma, and you seriously start to wonder if perhaps this isn't some form of Voldimort. Sure it isn't really.. But should we be able to keep Eject Warp Plasma CONSTANTLY in effect even BEFORE THE LAST ONE FADES?!

Just imagine what other powers could be used to cause these kinds of nightmares.. Sure there is more testing involved...But imagine Perma Viral Matrix thanks to the new Doffs that turn it into an AOE.. What about Tyken's Rift? Scramble Sensors? Maybe even Jam Sensors as lolsy as that can be?

While I enjoy using the combination, could it actually be a Bug in disguise?
2 AtB doesn't make an escort hit harder, or a heal cruiser heal better, and it only makes 1 sci ship crazy overpowered, but it was overpowered already. it makes tactical focused cruisers better basically, something that has never been ideal. these ships don't out damage escorts, and they certainly don't out heal healers, and 2 copies of EWP have the same kind of up time, theirs no bug there.
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