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11-28-2012, 03:52 AM
Fire team has always been an ok pve and a good pvp kit. It's still inferior to squad leader for STFs or to operative when you play selfishly in fleet actions, but with motion acceletator, that's arguably the best tac kit in game now.

Turrets are meh, they're mostly used by noobs in pve and will never OS a stack of mobs like a good lay of mines can, but at least noobs will do better since they love this kit, probably because it's funny to use these toys with flashing lights. It's mostly useless since mortars disappear now when you remove the kit but there's still the 5-10% of situations where it can have some use (i'm thinking to nukara interior hard for instance, where you're stuck at your console).

Xenobliologist, on the contrary... it's the worst sci kit ever. No one with some understanding of the game's mechanics would ever use that, seriously. Even with the doffs, unless they OS your target with stasis field, but it would be surprising since scis never get much love on ground. When i saw that on tribble it's been very disappointing, since my main char is a sci. Geologist would have been understandable, it has some interesting abilities, medic would have been great, but I know no good sci using that crap.

It looks really unfair since we can't even customize our kits and use the powers we like at rank IV, and I don't get why tacs would gain some of the most useful abilities when scis get the most crappy ones buffed.

Why is it the worst kit? Because all holds are fragile on ground, which make these abilities extremely weak since you don't queue to watch mobs in stasis while your team is struggling to fight them. Stunds and holds shouldn't be fragile to make them useful but it's not the case. Until then this kit is just plain and simple trash and i think scis would legitimately ask for another one.

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