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11-28-2012, 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Technically I think she is biologically fictional, not "unlikely". As far as respecting women meaning you can't enjoy a nice pic.... that is simply silly.

If anything lets get more pics like this into STO! Really people, so many things that the playerbase puts up with and THIS is what some people rage about??!!

Cryptic, sell an extra hair and cleavage costume set! I guarantee that will sell like crazy! ALso, make a one piece swimsuit style uniform too! Lots of things they can add! Claim its all Mirror Universe stuff! Its time for a combat bikini armor!
You mean suicide outfits (there is no armour value in a bikini you know all the kill zones are exposed)

There is a MUCH better version of the picture a couple of posts up