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ways to Monetize PvP...

1. The Rep system-not as implemented, that was counterproductive, but similarly structured, with specific PVP abilities to be gained at each Tier, PvP Maps opening as your fleet and team advance in the tiered system, and a "Master List" ranking similar to the method used to track Fleetmarks/credit. Tier 1 should open to a player when a character reaches level 25 (the level at which a Fed may make his first Klink), with two kinds of Mark to be pursued:

1a)Warzone Credit/Fleet Marks-obtainable to either fed or klink, these are "you participated in a PvP match" (similar to Omega marks) Number of Kills divided by 5 (minimum 1) per player, per match. This is your basic "PVP awarded Fleetmark" and replaces existing PvP Dilithium rewards on Klink side, while opening an award for Feds. (Not including Ker'rat, which should remain kind of the sinkhole of PvP for now-we're trying to draw people into the ques, where they can be enticed to be fleeced.)

1b) Victory Marks-Like the Borg Neural Processor from STF's, every member of a team (premade OR PUG) who WINS a C&H, Assault, Arena, or other PvP Que'd event, gets a "Victory Mark". Victory Marks are worth Dilithium, or can be turned in (with other items/resources) to unlock passive abilities until Level 40, when they can be turned in for GEAR (Mk X, MkXI, and MkXII respectively), with an associated Dil. pricetag, naturally.

2. The "Master's List"-this is a FLEET STANDING list, that is, if your fleet is very successful in PvP (in the ques), it makes it onto the "Master's list", with FLEET rankings. (as in Ranked By Fleet). Higher ranked Fleets gain access to new chances to waste their money-such as having access to purchase (with Fleet modules) certain lockbox or prototype ships and/or special Z-store consoles through their fleet shipyards (presuming said shipyards are, naturally, of sufficient tier-level to accomodate the purchase.)

3. "The List of Masters" This is individual ranking based on kills in PvP Arenas, Heals given out, or Objectives taken and held (duration) to INDIVIDUALS. There will only be four "Masters" at any one time-the four BEST PvP'ers in the STO community. The List of Masters resets every "Patch Day" (thursdays.). "Masters" generate a small Omega/Romulan/Fleet mark bonus for everyone in their Fleet betwen the day of award, and the next day of award. (thus, encouraging both individual achievement, and TEAM achievement.) Access to certain costume items for "Masters", and a title that can be used permanently. (For KDF players, naturally this should be the "Greatcoat" of a Dahar Master, and the title "Dahar Master". Greatcoat should cost in the range of 300 to 500 zen... not sure what you'd give a Fed, they already HAVE everything...)

4. "The Journeymen's List"-this is limited to PvP'ers between Level 25, and level 35, with two holders for each of the same categories as in the "List of Masters", representing the best "LOW LEVEL" to "Mid Level" PvP'ers. Making the Journeyman's List provides the individual players with a mid-size Dilithium payment, or "Purse", as well as a moderate Fleet Marks boost, and access to a Duty Officer Pack appropriate to their rank, and opens access to purchase special gear/costume accessories and the like-only available for the duration of the title, and exclusive to those who make the list between Thursday and Thursday. (for KDF this could include access to different hair-styles, off-duty clothing, etc.)
Each week a member of this list retains their title, they gain 1 costume unlock. (aka first week unlocks 1 purchaseable costume bit, second week unlocks an additional bit, and so on)

5. "Top Gun"-title only applies to PvP in fighters/shuttles, awarded monthly/quarterly, or in a monthly event. Awards: "Top Gun" Title, purchaseable unlock "Leather flight Jacket" (500 Zen). Costume unlock stays character bound (as with "List of Masters" and "Journeyman's list" unlocks), but the title goes away at the end of the awardee's term.

"The Master's Map-Challenge zone"- two space and two ground maps, suitable for any structured PvP event, one player from each team (minimum) needs to purchase hte unlock for this map set, which should include features not seen on standard ground or space maps publicly available. Cost: 500 zen per map in the set, account bound.

Okay, them's my first ideas, anyone see anything about 'em that might NOT make Cryptic more money off us honest Players?
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