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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
plasma, unless you go crazy buffing its proc, and have a ship built around plasma DOT, is not viable im afraid. the stf set shields guard against its damage, and EVERYONE is using an stf shield
I know this was originally answered in regard to Plasma Energy Damage - but there's something that's always kind of bothered me, that I thought I'd go ahead and ask.

Plasma Torpedo/Mine: the Ambiplasma console increases Plasma projectile damage.
Plasma Cannons/Beams/Turrets: the Plasma Infuser console increases Plasma energy damage.

Simple enough so far...enter the Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid.

Per STOwiki, you want a Disruptor Induction Coil for the Disruptor energy damage. If you want to buff the Plasma DoT damage - you want a Plasma Infuser.

Well, both Plasma Torps and Mines can also apply a Plasma DoT. Is that Plasma DoT affected by a Plasma Infuser? Does the Ambiplasma affect both the kinetic damage and the DoT on torps/mines? Is it a case that if you're running Plasma Energy/Torps/Mines - is the Plasma DoT being affected by both Plasma Infuser and Ambiplasma consoles?

Along those lines, will the Romulan set that buffs Plasma damage also buff those Plasma DoTs? What about the KHG torp damage bonus - does that apply to the Plasma DoT from a torpedo?

Just one of those things... was wondering what you thought, knew, and all that jazz. Thanks...

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