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11-28-2012, 06:53 AM
Hi all,

Since I'm new to PvP I noticed DDIS' thread and wondered if I could ask some questions of the learned minds...

1. On my Fed Tac captain, I have a Bug (acquired during the DOff pack event). Is the 3-piece Mk XI Jem set the best to slot into it, or should I use my 2-piece Borg & MACO Mk XI shield that I currently have on my Armitage? Also, would the panel recommend Aux2SIF (as per the Hilbert Guide) or RSP? And I'm using an all DHCs & turrets build (no torps). IS that the right way to go about it?

2. This may be a gimp build, but I play PvP for the fun not min-maxing... Anyway, I have an Orion Engie in a Hegh'ta, also because I love the ship. Does anyone have any advice as to what's best to use for that? Currently using the Polarised Disruptors from lockboxes, and have really only just started (no Borg Kit for her, using a 2-piece Jem Mk XI set and a positronic deflector).

Thanks in advance guys (and girls),

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-Sela now has a cape.
-She'll be starring in a 3-part miniseries on the Elements Network (Entertainment for Romulan Women) called "How Sela Got Her Cape Back". It's a feel-good story about women's empowerment and the importance of a good wardrobe for military leaders.