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11-28-2012, 06:32 AM
Why doesn't anyone list their graphics card and driver version when posting? I know I'm guillty of this as well when it comes to compaining but I have posted the info at least once for the Dev's to ignore.

Issues I have:

Crashing on New Romulus in various places.
Settings above 2x AA reduce the framerate ingame to 6-7 FPS when I used to be able to run 8x AA without any issues before season 7.
Low resolution textures appearing in lots of places and on ship models.

GPU - AMD Radeon 7950 3GB (DX11 and DX9)

Drivers I tested with: Catalyst 12.11 beta 8, Catalyst 12.10, Catalyst 12.6, and Catalyst 11.12. All of these drivers have the same issues. I also did some testing on my notebook.

GPU - AMD Radeon 4670 1GB GPU (DX10.1 and DX9)

Driver I tested with: Catalyst 12.6

I have no other issues in other games like Deux Ex: Human Revolution, DCUO, Civ V, and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on either system.