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11-28-2012, 06:33 AM
Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
I agree and disagree with you.

I can see how a hard buff could be problematic, but you have to remember that the ship was designed to perform specific functions. Science ships were designed to perform scientific functions. As an analogy, it's like saying that a 4x4 off road vehicle is always going to perform better off road than a Lamborghini, even if the world's best off road driver is driving it.
Ships were designed to perform specific functions. And that is exactly what they currently do.

No need to mess with the ships. They already all have their own particularities and you recognize the function of most ships by looking at their BO seat configuration.

When you see a Commander Science seat, it is pretty clear the ship has a science bias. As a ship with Commander Tactical is definitely a tactical ship. There are maybe only 1 or 2 exceptions where it hard to figure out what bias the ship really has and they come from ships that have multiple Universal seats ( like BoP ).

If adjustments are really needed, i think it is the character classes that need specific changes ( buffs or nerfs ) but again i am not even convinced any changes are needed. Great players do great with all 3 classes in any kind of ship.