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11-28-2012, 06:33 AM
I'm a long time Elder Scrolls fan. for me The Elder Scrolls Online "by the looks of things" is going to most definately be a superb MMO, without a doubt.

BUT! I do have my doubts unfortunately... I was really enthusiastic about STO, equally to how I'm currently enthusiastic about TESO, I wouldn't say STO let me down, I just expected more, I love the character customisation, totaly engrossed in the tailor.

Anyway The Elder Scrolls Online will hopefully be something new and will hopefully be the MMO I've been waiting for since SWG closing. STO has been a good little adventure but mearly a stepping stone.

As for The Elder Scrolls Online, I have alot of faith that it will be "EPIC" Bethesda don't do games by half but I'm not sure about Zenimax, Bethesda are working closely with them soo I can only hope that Bethesda are happy with the direction Zenimax are taking. if Bethesda are happy with Zenimax... I'm happy with Zenimax.

truely looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online.