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11-28-2012, 06:40 AM
I'm sure that there are a number of ways to milk a PvPer without resorting to balance destroying gimmicks. Better game play begets a more dedicated and supportive player base.

One of the biggest things they could do, short of selling respecs for EC, is lower the zen price to 50-100, add multipacks at discounted rates, and make them tradable on the exchange (like keys). Never mind the fact that respecs should be free until things are straightened out with bugs and description errors, but the cost is prohibitively high for a single character purchase. Respecs cost cryptic nothing so why not run it as a low price volume based commodity? Furthermore, PvPers likely enjoy the chance to respec more frequently than your typical PvEer. Folks think I'm weird for having fun trying new combinations of skills and sets but that's something that could be beneficial across the entire game.

Why does there even need to be a specific money scheme for this specific portion of the game? Anything in the z store has appeal to just about every subset of the gaming population. PvPers enjoy new ships, they need the goodies from doff packs and missions, everyone can use more space for inventory and crew, etc. a specific scheme for PvP smacks of literal P2W gimmicks or even an expansion prohibitive tax on an already nearly inaccessible feature.

All of this really boils down to accessibility and appeal. Things that work and are fun are more accessible and more appealing. Give people something to draw them in. Don't expect them to line up in hopes that things will get better.
Foundry: Yet Another Borg Mission
It's terrible but easy, and these Borg are way cooler than the mess STO and Voyager left us.
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