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11-28-2012, 07:00 AM
Personally, I think it'll prove a disappointment. It's not being made by Bethesda, their writers aren't directly involved, and all the combat and advancement systems are entirely new, and being compared to a hybrid **** and WoW. Which could go either way, Elderscrolls fans have been as historically famous for resisting change to these systems as they are for changing it themselves once its released.

As for the people behind it, most of them are from studios Zenimax cannibalized after their mostly terrible run with the Star Trek license, except for one guy who worked as a producer on **** as is probably best remembered for saying the game only really did one thing right... and everyone else in the business seemed to think that was the one thing that held it back (i.e. it's ties to the bad old days of MOO/MUD style MMOs).

All the player reaction is pointing to people expecting Skyrim Online, but all the developer information is pointing to generic fantasy MMO in an ostensibly Elderscrolls setting with possibly unreasonable grind and penalty if the guy in charge hasn't learned better yet. Any time players are expecting something the developer has gone out of its way to say they're not selling, disappointment is pretty sure to follow.

Edit: Ok, apparently the abbreviation of Dark Age of Camelot is censored, turning my post into a hilarious mess of unintended profanity.

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