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Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
Respecs cost cryptic nothing so why not run it as a low price volume based commodity?
While I wouldn't say that it costs them nothing, I've always wondered about their logic behind the pricing. While the price need not be "low" - it's so ridiculously high as it stands, that outside of toons with single toon unlocks (odd, eh - how Cryptic's increased the number of these) - folks are likely just to reroll.

Instead of saying running even with a 200-250 Zen price - they've gone about increasing the odds that you'll pay the higher price for a respec. Of course, with that gamble - they're also going to lose folks who say effit.

It's the whole $2 vs. $5 marketing thing. A couple of bucks? No big deal. Oh, it's an Abe? Honest Abe don't play that... Hell no. Folks tend not to think about it, when they're getting nickel and dimed - once you get into certain denominations... well, they think about it. While $5 may not be that big of a deal to them - it's in the arena of where they might wonder where else they could spend that $5...

...and yes, a lower price on respecs would likely provide more income from PvP folks as they chase FoTM builds or change ships, etc, etc, etc.
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