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11-28-2012, 07:15 AM
Two things need to happen.
  1. They need to give subscribers a 120,000 unit stipend of Dilithium Ore per month.
  2. They need to add a 120,000 unit crate of Dilithium Ore to the C-store and charge 1500 Zen for it

30 x 4,000 = 120,000
That is half the amount of dilithium that can be refined in a 30-day period with the 8k daily cap.

The 120k units are subject to the same refinement cap, so the exchange will always remain a means of obtaining more refined dilithium than the daily refinement cap allows.

The problem is that Cryptic is doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing. It should be subscriptions they are after. So they should be incentivizing subs by giving subscribers as many breaks in grinding mechanics as they can. Even with the incentives, there are those who would still spend more money on Zen for things because they just know that subscriptions are the devil, but they still gotta get everything. Let them pay through the nose for it if they want to.

But blast it all, Cryptic needs to seriously pat attention to the content interests of their player base as a whole and make it their mission to deliver elements of all types of content in each season. I can understand them wanting to pad out what content they release over the course of a season's general 90-day cycle. Because no matter how much they produce, the community will still manage to consume it all faster than it takes to make it. So leave the refinement cap intact, set the dilithium costs on a progression activity however high it needs to be to take someone who just hits the daily refinement cap however long they want it to take, and apply a completion timer set for that same duration and require that both the remaining needed Dilithium and remaining time to completion must both equal zero to complete the objective.

And they need to be generous with their payout of Dilithium. Nobody should have any trouble gaining at least 4000 units of ore per day.

And here's the thing they seem to not understand. People should be playing content because it is fun and they WANT to play it, not because some artificial system forces them to do so to get a measly pittance of what they need.

The Daily refinement cap, the Dilithium investment cost for a project, and the completion progress timer are all that is needed to regulate the progression through content. And really, that should be all that they are concerned about. Those who don't have as much time to invest playing the game likely have money to spend. Let them spend it on the convenience of cutting the grind in half, or eliminating it completely if they want to. As long as nobody can rush ahead because they either have more time or more money, then what is the problem?
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