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11-28-2012, 08:48 AM
The funny thing is, the tric would gain the most from the projectile doff. But it does not.
I tried out several combinations to see how low i can get it. And i have to say, its still not worth it.
Sticking a ferengi rapid fire missile and a tric on a ship, the ferengi missle fires like every second, but the tric cooldown is hardly moving, contrary to have should have happen with the increased proc rate in such a setup.
When using a photon or quantum and a tric it gets a little better, you can shave off about 20 seconds from the cooldown. But why bother, just use dual quantums.

Maybe in a full torpedo boat, like 3 photons+1 tric front it will work better. But then, you lack shield damage, better use 3 transphasics and a tric.

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