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# 36 i think the main point missed
11-28-2012, 07:50 AM
to the person who said you can earn your daily in 1 1/2 hr you are right. Im afraid that myself and others in our anger and outrage have faild to make our point clear. by nerfing and shifting whare and how we can get the dill. yes we can scoop it up in 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. but what about the people who only have that amount of time to play????

they cant get it doing the content they like and enjoy. Insted they are forced to play content Ie. fleet actions (just as example not single out that alone) that they did not enjoy the first time around.

the biggest thing to hurt players like myself is the (officer reports daily) I could sign on take a toon down to accdmy do lore and officer and have almost 2000 dill 50 fleet marks and be done in 5 to 10 mim now 2000 a day may not seem like a lot but was enough I was then free to go play story missions hang at dronza an joke around with friends whatever.

on some days go run stf's and max out but not everyday cause after a time you just get borged out LOL. season 7 changed the dynamic of the game so drasticly that it just takes too long to do get anything done. now it is sign on and pick a grind.

i for one very rarely maxed out any toons daily limit and tho i have many alts i only on ocasion played more then 1 to 3 of them on any day. i did however always have fun. now not so much DS9 is ghost town stf's well all anyone dose now is infected space an leave. the comrodire is gone. fleet base slowed to almost halt.

I think the new romulus is cool and if wanted to do the reputation for it and that sector fine an dandy. i do however think that shifting the whole focus of the game to this hurry up and wait grind is wrong. adding incressed dill cost to players for so much then making it YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS CONTENT OR NO DILL wether you like it or not is wrong.

so in close i love sto, but not as much. dont play as often as once did. i get bored and frustrated quicker with all the grind. and trying to get dill doing things i like as aposed to doing things i dont. im getting a grip on my anger (sorry for the many rage rants ive posted) now feel more dissapointment then anger. I hope some things get put back as they were and the grind is losend up some. as well i would stongly recomend a return to more imidiate gratification drops of decent value that one dose not have to compet for with whole team. basicly more fun less grind. thank you M