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?Acting Captain?s Log Stardate - 93436.31.

The Ulysses has been sitting in the Cestus Sector, near the transwarp conduit waiting for any response from Captain Darmoth?s team. Their mission was to infiltrate Unimatrix 001, the Borg Queen?s personal ship, upload the virus given to him by Task Force Omega, and see if he can destroy the Queen. We?ve received no word if the plan succeeded or failed. Other command Captains and their MACO squads were also tasked to attack Unimatrix 001 as well, hoping that one of the squads would achieve this.

My standing orders were to stay near the transwarp conduit and conduct long range scans where the ship would be at and confirm anything. We will continue some other tasks while we wait.?

Commander Moon Weich leaned back into the captain?s chair, knowing that this wasn't the first time that the Captain and his away team had been gone on long missions and put her in charge of the ship. But this was the first time that she was given specific instructions on what she could and couldn?t do. Taping a few commands on the console next to her, she brought up the ship?s current status and reports, noting that she needed to complete her report for the Captain herself.

?Ensign,? She looked over at the engineering station that held a new Ensign, one of the Android modeled after the artificial life form Data. ?Please look over the engineering report and confirm what the teams have requested. I?ll submit the request form to Starfleet once we leave the sector.?

?Yes Acting Captain Weich.? Moon winced slightly at the impromptu rank, ?I will have the newly submitted report sent to you by oh-five-hundred.? At least this android didn?t have any issues with keeping things simple. The blond engineer with a short ponytail gently drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair as she finished reading up the reports, setting them aside for Captain Darmoth to return to.

?Captain, We?re receiving a signal from the fleet.? The almost echoed voice called out from the conn. Moon turned her head towards the officer and bit her lip lightly. What faced her was a rescued Borg, named Three of Four. Her cream colored skin made her look deathly ill, her implant covered her whole right side of her face. ?We are receiving audio only.?

?Put it on, try to isolate Captain Darmoth?s frequency.? Moon gripped the arm of the chair, tapping on the command PADD in front of her to retrieve the frequency, ?Frequency is 265.9.?

?Compiling.? Three of Four responded, tapping out the frequency. ?Frequency isolated. We?re are now receiving Captain Darmoth?s audio signal.?

?... We?re entering the Queen?s ship now. Mirra, set personal shields to rotate frequency Markus-4-Bravo.? The light baritone voice escaped the bridge audio speakers.

?Roger Markus.? A quick witted voice responded. Moon snorted at the breach in protocol, but recognized the voice of the First Officer, Mirra, ?Setting personal shields to frequency code Markus-4-Bravo.? A minute of silence before Mirra spoke again, ?Nasera, can you confirm that the weapon frequency modulations are set up.?

?They are Mirra, we?re set up for five modulations before the Markus protocol takes hold.?

?And we all know why it takes hold,? The rich tenor voice echoed, ?It?s because the Captain found the Borg?s temporal weakness, and they don?t like time very well.? Moon gave a soft smile, as she was part of the team that found out about that little feature, even though it was her Captain that noted the irregularities.

?Can the chatter Perry,? Markus? voice took over the comm channel, ? We?re getting into position. Nasera, focus on where we can upload this virus. Perry, I want you on defense. Keep the turrets coming and I?ll provide the mortars.? a tapping of commands and a hiss of escaping air reached the comm. ?Mirra, keep watch over the Borg and provide targets for Perry and I. And Easie, keep the shuttle ready in case we need to make a quick getaway."

"Yes Captain." 'Easie' responded.

"All right, lets move..."

Static filled the channel before a new, collective voice took over the air wave, "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own."

Static once more filled the audio signal before someone spoke, "So does that make us the life of the party?" That came from Perry.

"Only if you get caught." Mirra responded, there was some soft chuckling.


For the next half an hour, the bridge of the Ulysses only heard the sound of the team's breathing and occasional comment about the Borg infrastructure. Various phaser and rifle blasts also accompanied the sounds heard over me chatter. Moon had looked at her console, reviewing the battle chatter from the fleet as a whole and saw how bad it was getting. She desperately wanted to join the fight, but was also under orders not to join unless she was called for. "The Captain knows what he's doing. He knows we're listening on his frequency." The bridge crew looked up and at her several times, waiting for her command to jump to warp and save the Captain.

"Okay Mirra, signal the fleet, we've entered one of the main computer core systems, and we will be attempting to upload the virus now."

"Yes, Markus." Mirra's voice changed tone, "Task Force Omega, Darmoth team is at the objective, proceeding to next task. Will update once the task completed."

"Roger Darmoth team, will await your response once task is completed. You better hurry up, we're getting eaten alive out here." And unknown female voice responded to Mirra's signal.

"We'll try Task Force Omega. Darmoth team out."

"Borg incoming.? Perry said, phaser fire sounded out. ?Keep them out of the room.?

?Dropping a cover shield. That should hold them long enough to upload the virus.? Markus responded. The sound of the shield being deployed came across the speakers.

?Virus is being uploaded, ETA five minutes.? Nasera replied.

?They?re coming in swarms. I've already re-modulate 4 times.? Mirra yelled out.

?Stay together and watch your backs.? Markus said. ?Nasera, keep an eye on the Borg as well. I want to make sure..?

?Such a pitiful attempt to resist becoming one of us.? The soft, seductive voice echoed across the airwaves, ?Your existence is to service us.?

?Of course, your Majesty.? The sarcastic tone from Perry exclaimed. ?How may we service you?? Several more phaser blasts echoed out.

?Your weapons are no match for the Borg.? The Borg Queen spoke.

?That?s what you think. Mirra, re-modulate your rifle.?

?We?ve already adapted to your modulations, you weapons will have no eff..? The phaser blast sounded and there was a shrill scream. ?What have you DONE!?

?Welcome to normality, my Queen.? Perry?s voice sounded like he was grinning, ?Your subjects have revolted against you and your castle has fallen.? More phaser fire exploded from the speakers as several more screams from the Borg Queen continued to leave the speakers.

?You.. How could you!? The Queen screamed out. ?You should have been assimilated!?

?Maybe next time.? Markus replied, ?Easie, lock onto our badges and beam us out.?

?Captain. I?m having difficulties locking onto you. You need to get out of the room before I can beam you out.?

?Kind of hard to do so, with the Queen blocking the entrance.?

?I?ve got some mines we can use to blow a hole in the wall.? Perry reminded Markus.

?Plant them and give us an exit.? Markus commanded. More phaser fire before a shout from Perry was heard over the comm.

?Fire in the hole!?


?Let?s get out of here. Mirra, you first. Nasera, you?re after her. Perry and I will cover the rear.?

?I will never let you escape!? The Queen screamed.

Moon gave a sigh of relief until another boom echoed across the bridge.

?Markus!? Mirra yelled out, ?You...? Her voice cut out

?Mirra, we will go back for them.? Easie replied on the comm. ?But we need to leave, the other teams have planted their charges. Once the damage is done, we?ll search for them.?

?Your plan has failed.? The Queen?s voice spread across all frequencies. ?And now, we will begin to assimilate you and your culture.?

?Shut off the comm. Three, set course for the fleets location..? Moon growled out as she stood up.

?Captain. May I remind you of Captain Darmoth?s request.? A Klingon science officer replied.

The blond engineer whirled around to face the Klingon, ?Markus may be dead or assimilated. Until Commander Mirra is on this ship, I?m in command Shunuro.? Moon turned back towards the rehabilitated Borg drone. ?Three, once the coordinates are set, engage at maximum warp.?

"Coordinate set. Warp drive engaged." And the Ulysses jumped to warp.

To Be Continued...

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