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11-28-2012, 08:28 AM
I personally think it looks too much like Neverwinter and those games will be in a deathmatch.

Elder Scrolls - Points for intelligent instance matching and what appear to be very large zones without loadscreens. Has a Mac port.

Neverwinter - Equal to ESO in every regard that's been leaked, aside from instance matching and zone size. Has the Foundry. Doesn't appear to have a Mac port.

WoW isn't going anywhere either way (aside from F2P, which I expect will get announced at the next BlizzCon).

I think the biggest tipping point for ESO is the Mac port. Yes, that's 10% of the gaming market but if I have 10 friends and 1 doesn't use Bootcamp and owns a Mac, I'm going where we can all play together.