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Originally Posted by boeljoet View Post

first, thanks everyone for the response.

@ nyxadrill,
i was more thinking of some kind of addon (altrough i did let it open for others to decide),( idk how photoshop works )

@ maxvitor
a bit more technical but i think i got the basic idea.

becose of the limitations of moast videocards it is not posible to use dual screen.
altrough you ( and i think many others) definaly think this would support the gameplay
With Photoshop you can undock some of the menus and dialog boxes and move them out of the editing area. I do this when using it and have some of them moved onto my second screen.

As @Maxvitor has said though its sadly a limitation of the 3d engine that prevents it.

I like the idea of an add-on though and the portal development Cryptic are currently doing may be a possible compromise, especially when it comes to Doff management.

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