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11-28-2012, 08:48 AM
seriously........U NEED TO LOWER the upgrade costs for the fleet base......

for the update shipyard from 3 to 4 we shall spend 1700000 dilitium???
you cant be serious! pls lower ALL costs they are way to much!
dilithium and fleetmarks costs above level2 are way to much even for a fleet with 500member....and if we speak the fleet has really 500 real activ member! that game shall still make fun or not??? this way you really dont reach that anyone still has fun...
pls lower that all!

hope its not to late to add my question:
in short form......would u pls lower the costs?? they are way to much! my fleet cant afford the needed dilithium and fleet marks in a short time......we need to work on that for weeks! if no one spends real money for dilithium then even months....above level 3 the costs are insane! they should be maximal like level 3 but on level 5-.-"
would u pls be so kind to lower theses costs? some of my fleet even left because of that....
i see that it should take some time to build it up to the level 5......but this way it takes way to long....all the projects are way to expensive....there is no fun anymore in doing them....

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