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11-28-2012, 09:50 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post
Friends and Time, my motivation to pew is at an all time low, even when i m in game.

I came here for the IP and the mix of IP and friendships is what keeps me here, to a certain extend.

I have zero trust in Crytpic to improve PvP without them firing and hiring a number of people pretty high up in chain. Their records are won't happen.

At this point in time, hearing Cryptic representatives talk about anything PvP related, is simply infuriating. Never thought i could feel that way about a company and its staff.

Seriously I have no idea why people are still optimistic about a possible bright star in the future of this game related to PvP, as seeing how they actually act on the latest game breaking exploit that has been taking place in the game which affects PvP'ers the most, its not really a sign of Cryptic finally changing the tide and finally do something.

Like any other decent MMO would have brought out a hotfix the next day, it takes weeks if not months to fix it here, if ever. (Double shield exploit +1 year anyone?)

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