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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
What if you use x3 mortars and x3 turrets? Is the Enemy Neutralization still really higher? I never looked into it so was wondering if you compared basic kits or used doffs, I am not even sure what doffs work with Neutralization but I seem to recall there are some.

Not sure where you get 40dps from. In 20 seconds that?s 24 shots from 3 morters at 622.5 damage per shot. So that?s 14,940 damage in 20 seconds or 747dps without crits. Are you playing Elite as I rarely have morter miss's on Elite.

Morters have such long range they will hit far more then 1 volly and 1 group. Turrets I agree are hard to use with fast teams but morters you just dump on ground and use them for the next 3+ rooms.
I find that the Mortar/Turret kit is a smidge sloppy for lack of a better term. It's range can draw aggro from mobs that a group isn't ready to handle yet (see: Colony Invasion).

Yes they can crank out DPs, thats for certain, but Enemy Neut kit is more directed, and has quicker results. It also gives 2 very valuable debuffs.

On a semi-related note, a larger concern for me lies in the fact that something obvious, like an explosives expert doff - doesn't have ANY effect on the transphasic bomb or chrono mine skill. I am baffled as to why there is no buff for these...