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Originally Posted by princedimwit View Post
I was trying to improve my attacks during PVE because all I was doing was pew pew pew and I wanted raining death so I bought some other weapons, selling my tetyron canons and quantum torpedoes for other things I thought would be more powerful like phasers and poloron or plasma.

I can't even hold my own in a Deep Space Encounter against the Romulans anymore and I'm out of energy credits.

I'm still in my Star Cruiser trying to earn fleet marks and work my way up fleet rants to buy something else - something with 4 weapon slots fore and aft.

Just wish I knew what weapons to use.

Tetryon seems to work really well but the silly spaying it does diminishes the effectiveness of it. Don't know if I should go beam or keep the cannons but get rid of the scatter volley.

I love the torpedo spread skill. I wish I knew how to train my officers a bit better so they can get torpedo spread II or III. Seems like all my choices of skills are red officers.
If you think about it, the biggest difference between the Assault Cruiser and the Star Cruiser is an Ensign Boff placement (tactical/science respectively) and console placement. Star Cruisers are more or less designed to have the Lt. science ability to be an offensive one to make up in the damage dept. The Star Cruiser isn't a DPS machine, but it can be made respectable, you have to be agreeable with its positives though.

Also, what is your ships set up? Without seeing that, no one can really critique.