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11-28-2012, 09:49 AM
I've not (yet) completely left STO / PvP but will admit that I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to even log into STO since season 7, much less to actually queue for PvP when I'm on. Which is quite a contrast to a year or so ago, when STO was the only game I played and I only PvP'd when on, very rarely touching PvE.

To get me back into STO PvP full time, some / all of the following would have to happen:

1, Remove the need to grind PvE to keep up in PvP - I have limited time and when I can play I want to PvP, not be forced to do mindless PvE to get my PvP gear / abilities.

2, Remove or at the very least seriously tone down the abilities of the P2W consoles.

3, Remove PvE spam from PvP - in my opinion it has no place there, since there is a whole other 99.99% of the game I can go mess around in if I want to fight PvE.

4, Give some thought to balance so that all career types (tac/eng/sci) are useful and balanced against each other. Likewise with BOff abilities.

5, Make ships other than escorts useful again / balance all the ships so we are not seeing everyone wanting one or two specific lock box ships.

6, Give us some new maps / battle types - 1 CnH map and a couple of arena ones get boring after 3 years.

7, Give us meaningful open PvP, or at least some more areas like Kerrat (but fix the Kerrat issues).

8, Leader boards, so I can see how (badly) I rank against the rest of the community.

9, Useful rewards for PvPing - half my time PvPing I get nothing other than a few measly EC and the odd trash drop item, meaning again I have to go do some PvE to farm some resources.

That should keep them busy for a while...

I often see PvPers asking for a return to seasons 1-2, not sure which season it would relate to but for me this game was probably most enjoyable around September - December 2010. For whatever reason it has steadily got worse since then, with (in my opinion) the big slide starting right after F2P.
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