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Originally Posted by princedimwit View Post
I already know that you need to try to get higher level gear, so I wont spend much time on that.

Starting off, You have too many torpedoes on that ship, Id run on fore/aft. Also with the slower turn rate of your ship the '90 arc of the DBB , they wont help much. Essentially you have a front end that wont get as much firing time as it should. Id argue for single cannons or beam arrays (more likely BA's).

Maximize your tactical consoles for your energy weapons, they fire much more often that the torps' will and will increase your total damage.

Science consoles: try using field generators (increasing shield capacity) or something that will augment damage to your offensive science boff skills.

Try to earn a matching set of engines deflectors shields and also get the Borg Console, these items will add extras when you have matching items.