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I was trying to improve my attacks during PVE because all I was doing was pew pew pew and I wanted raining death so I bought some other weapons, selling my tetyron canons and quantum torpedoes for other things I thought would be more powerful like phasers and poloron or plasma.

I can't even hold my own in a Deep Space Encounter against the Romulans anymore and I'm out of energy credits.
easy fix as far as getting Energy Credits and Tetryon weapons:
First, there is an Episode in the Romulan arc called Trapped. It gives out Tetryon Beam Arrays, among other things. You can run it every thirty minutes, so run it to get as many Arrays as you want, then run it some more to sell or recycle arrays for EC to buy what you want.

Or you can go through the list of Episodes you have completed and look for an episode that gives out Impulse Engines, as they recycle for a pretty decent amount of EC, inside of a few hours you should be able to buy whatever weapons you want.
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