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11-28-2012, 10:09 AM
On exploring: there is a point to it and that is breaking up the gameplay you have been doing. Simply put, its just adding another layer to the game itself. If you are more focused on the tangible (and I use the term loosely) reward, then exploring does not grant you any more reward than a quest, per se.

On crafting: the system as a whole is lacking ... something. To me, it IS a worthwhile endeavor for a few reasons. 1) I get to make something and that is critical to me. It is rewarding enough to gather the parts needed, click a button, and viola and new thing is made. 2) Cryptic knows the system is lackluster. If/when they work on it, my character may have the skills needed to be ahead of the game, so to speak and ahead of the players who *now* say it is worthless. That's a gamble, but I'll take that bet. SO, crafting is a source of material to use AND sell.

Otherwise, you'll need EC to buy what you need ... or want.

Good questions!
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