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11-28-2012, 10:30 AM
Quick Advice regarding your setup, if you are willing to hear it, and that is what you are asking for.

First I can't give enough advice without knowing your Boff powers as well, but in your equipment there are a few things you can consider changing to help just overall.

First, set your mind at ease. It looks like you are running all Common and Uncommon equipment. I know it feels like you are broke right now, but there will come a time where common and uncommon gear is what you use to test out a new potential build.

Secondly, unless you are fully geared, including doffs to support things, a torpedo ship is REALLY hard to run. Torpedos do kinetic damage. And while Quantums have a helluva punch against hull, they don't do much against shields. It's just a sad truth about torpedos. Unless you have something to pull those shields all the way down (tetryon isn't gonna do it) before you hit with the Torp, it's not using the torpedo to its full advantage. AND , you most certainly do not need 4 of them.

Next. You are in a Crusier. You are going to have to rethink the whole "raining death" concept for a time. The rain of death you are thinking of comes from escorts running pretty traditional cannon heavy builds, using rapid fire, and the cannon arc skill. Escorts are what you are looking for. So build for what you have now, and save for some kind of escort.

Lastly would be your consoles and devices.
All 4 battery types I don't recommend.
You get some awesome defense buff during the devidian arc which is a device.
You can get Scorpion Fighters in the Vault.
Play around with the devices and keep 2 battery types around, I'm gonna suggest weapon and Engine.

consoles : tac first, you have 1 to bump your tets and one to bump your torps.
Lose the one that bumps the torps. replace with a tetryon boosting console.
reasoning behind this , what has the faster cooldown ? your tetryon beams or your torps?

Science , You do not need the stealth module or the isometric charge. Keep the Isometric charge if the visuals make you happy, but regardless the stealth module has no point on your ship.

Engineering, I feel like plasma infuser could be replaced for either another RCS or some more armoring.

Weapon wise I would (since I get that you like Torpedos) go with :

2 beam arrays , 1 DBB, 1 Torp up front
2 or 3 beam arrays, 1 Torp rear (add mine dropper if only taking 2 beam arrays)

Look over the episodes also.
Often some of the rewards within them can really help with outfitting a ship.

Good Luck
And remeber Fortune Favors the Bold
(and the foolish