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I was trying to improve my attacks during PVE because all I was doing was pew pew pew and I wanted raining death so I bought some other weapons, selling my tetyron canons and quantum torpedoes for other things I thought would be more powerful like phasers and poloron or plasma.

I can't even hold my own in a Deep Space Encounter against the Romulans anymore and I'm out of energy credits.

I'm still in my Star Cruiser trying to earn fleet marks and work my way up fleet rants to buy something else - something with 4 weapon slots fore and aft.

Just wish I knew what weapons to use.

Firstly: Ships have different limits on the ranks and number of Bridge Officer skills you can use with them. These are known as Bridge "stations". You can fill these empty ability slots up with the skills that your Bridge Officers are trained in, but you will be limited by what the ship can handle, rather than what your BOFFs "know".

Plug your ship choice and skill build into here to get a feel for it -

Secondly: Weapons damage depends heavilly on the rank and rarity of weapons you have equipped, as well as your buffs (including Tactical Consoles and what weapons power setting you use). A Star Cruiser only has two Tactical Console slots and one Lieutenant Tactical Bridge Officer slot, so you will be quite limited in terms of how much you can beef up your weapons damage... but you can still run at 125 weapons power and use Mk XII Purple weapons.

The different Weapon Damage types are largely flavour, there's very little difference between them unless you're purposely building towards something (resistance debuffs, energy drains, crit severity, etc). The main thing to rememeber is to always match your energy weapon damage type with the appropriate Tactical Consoles.

Thirdly: you've probably gathered this already, but a Star Cruiser is entirely the wrong ship to "rain death" in. It's built to soak up damage, not deal it (they make good tanks). Try a Patrol Escort instead - they're fairly cheap, and it sounds like a Dual Heavy Cannon setup (possibly with Tricobalt Mines) would suit your gameplay style a lot more.

If you really really want to push the boundaries of the Star Cruiser, try a broadsiding setup with Tactical Team 1 and Beam: Fire at Will 2. Use 8x Beam Arrays or 6x Arrays and 2x Torps and keep enemies at your sides in the overlapping weapon arcs. If you're strapped for EC, you can get multiple weapons (such as Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid Arrays from "Past Imperfect") for free via Episode Replay.

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