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Vo'quv... okay.

First thing first: i spend considerable time in this ship, alas as a Tac and not an Eng, so you have to take this with a grain of salt. You got to do the finetuning yourself - comes by experimentation whilst playing and paying attention to whats most effective.

That being said i can give you a general direction.

Lets look at what type of ship we are talking here:

1) massive crew and hull
2) maneuverability is the worst you can get, period
3) you can lauch BoP pets, no other ship can do that (four)
4) no cloak

As for the armament of the carrier itself i really suggest going beam array. Turning takes way too long, even if you should slow or immobilize your opponent. RCS accelerators decreas in efficiency with size, so thats also pretty much the worst idea. Accept it. Thats not what the ship does well, even if it can mount cannons. Despite all its sluggishness its no problem broadsiding opponents, so thats pretty much only one option. Thats also applicable to torpedos. They don't work well with this ship - wich doesn't mean your opponent won't be hit by torpedos - actually more so than facing any other ship, we get to that point.

Now the question arises what kind of beam. Antiproton? Well, think about it. A considerable amount of damage will be dealt by pets and the pets will fire torps - lots of torps. That would be B'Rotlh Birds-of-Prey with "Torpedo Heavy Yield II" on quantuum torpedoes x4. That hurts - if the shield is down. If the shields are up torpedoes are not so effective. If you want to gt shiels down quickly nothing beats PHASED tetryon beam arrays (can also shut down systems, maybe the shield system if you are lucky, but everything else is also good). Target subsystems: shields is also a good idea plus it comes as a free special ability built into the carrier. Tetryon Pulse Generators as tac consoles are a nobrainer with this variant.

There is another aspect to BoPs... and thats that they ar the only pet wich can cloak. The Vo'Quv has no cloack but there is a solution, and that is... "Mask Energy Signature". The idea is to stay just at attack range with cloaked BoPs in to launch a devastating surprise attack and join after your prey starts focusing on your pets from maxrange, trying to strip its shields. Now that is no cloak... if you get too close you will be detected. Find that distance and remember it. It gets the job done. Technically you don't even need to reveal yourself whilst attacking with pets only. So i belive that settles the pet choice as well.

One thing you got to remember is that, even tho the Vo'Quv has mathematically a pretty thick hull and lots of crew to repair it fast, hull is a very weak defence in this game. It melts like snow in the morning sun, no matter what kind of armor you put on it. So thats a weak line of defence. Build on shields. Learn to harden shields. Keep a few aces up your sleeve. "Emergency Power to Shields" is a must, "Reverse Shield Polarity" is also nice to have. Then you need a really powerful shield. The Honor Guard Shield Array is perfect because, even if not part of a full set it brings the passive, always active "Subvert Targeting Array" to the table, wich means aside of being a really strong shield it also makes your enemys miss shots, wich is perfect. To further augment this i recommend to fit as much "Field Generator" consoles as possible. This will make it pretty difficult to take you down, if the power settings are done properly. You also should get 1-2 Hull repair abilities despite the massive crew - if only for fixing disabled systems (like your shield) in emergency. I'd also throw in a polarize Hull because people tent fire gravity wells on large, sluggish carriers - the ability negates any damage from that.

Then... for obvious reasons a tractor beam should be part of your setup. stops people from running and makes broadsiding agile ships way easier. Tractor beam repulsors are great, too, because they work in all directions. I dont need to mention overload and fire at will, right? Beamship. Don't forget your EPS Flow Regulator.

Duty officers... well, if your BoPs die - and they will, launch cooldown makes one hell of a difference. Get three DOs wich reduce hangar bay cooldown, flight deck officers if i remember correctly. The other two slots should be highest quality Shield Distribution Officers, wich have a chance to regen your shield big time if hit when brace for impact is up - wich it should be at any time possible if fired upon. Yes, they are that good. You might even consider going for three of them and one flight deck officer less - then again that defence is already formidable in any cast.

Oh and get a fast engine. Like... really fast. Maybe you can't outturn an opponent, but nobody said anything about outrunning and going signal reduction, kay?

And the rest is finetuning i'd say.

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