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11-28-2012, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by blacksheeple View Post
At First excuse my Bad english but German is my Mother Language^^

I also Like the Nebula and i think i will buy the Fleet Version.

I have a SCI-Officer but i don't like him bad Captain Abillitys and it is not funny to Play him as a Healer in Space with a SCI-Ship,so i think i will delete him.

But i want the Nebula for a New Officer but no Idea what Kind of Officer?
A Tac or a Eng?

Maybe you have some suggestions for me (-:
Don't delete your sci... they can still punch out DPS with the correct BOFF layout but have superior defensive captain abilities, not to mention Photonic Fleet and Subnucleonic Beam to get rid of annoying enemy buffs.