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11-28-2012, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Whenever you go to a major hub of activity, it's probably best to just ignore zonechat. If someone's trolling directly via PM's, ignore them. If they're blasting you with crygenic gas or firefighting gas or w/e, ignore them and go about your business as quickly as possible.
All this talk of "ignor them" ... is posted by people who don't know what there talking about. You are standing there at drozana and some troll starts flaming throwing smoke in your face or get right into your space and starts doing jumping jacks .... the game is visual it is not a texting game .... therefore you can't ignor them. Stop saying ignor them .... Next i see posts that suggest Drozana is some sort of seedy back alley place ... wrong again .. Drozana is the center hub of the Dividian story arc everyone goes through Drozana. Drozana is the site for the Ferengi store .... everyone needs to go to Drozana to shop. The op'ed is right Devs need to do something about these useless fun stealing trolls. Don't get me wrong, these trolls did rid Drozana of equally undesirable cyber cex'ing role players but beyond that leave innocent players alone and those who post "ignor them" are the very trolls who troll. Go back to Eve online trolls