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11-28-2012, 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by princedimwit View Post
alright, this is my build

There were a couple of abilities that my officers have but the drop down menu didn't.

I am willing to sacrifice certain weapons to make my ship a chariot of destruction. I mean, it doesn't have to be a torpedo boat.

Also, at level 50, why can't I skill up anymore?
In reverse order:
1.) You hit the level cap. No one gets 9/9 in all their skills.

2.) You'll need to do more than switch weapons (I recommend at least a 6-beam broadside...), but it's officer skills that count as much or more than consoles and weapons.

3.) Which abilities do they have that are missing? The planner ignores ground abilities and all traits, since they don't effect Space (except for Efficient and MAYBE one or two others). By the way, 3x Engineering Team is a waste, since each Team ability starts a 15s cooldown timer on all others, and a 30s cooldown on itself, meaning you need at most two of any one Team. Cannon Scatter Volley does nothing if you're using Beams.

4.) I hope you have a Respec somewhere (or are willing to scrounge around 500 Zen), since you're going to need to fiddle around with skill points a bit. As a general recommendation, going into the Red is usually not advised.