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11-28-2012, 11:54 AM
crafting worked best on champions when u could break down items i never saw why it wasnt like that in sto, then after they nerfed it a yr or 2 back itt was worlds beter on champions, then they nerfed champions crafting and now its no use for anything, brought it in line with sto lmao. any changes ive heard talked of for it arnt going back to a gather items resources make them into new stuff system, u know crafting, its all bout hw to make it cost asmuch real world cash as posible, i fully expect to have my almost 3yr old maxed crafters lose all there work and i fully expect to never use the system they bring in.

ON a seperate note when the hell are u guna either put purple BO back into station personel oficer on starbase mission or fix the whites so they are contributable my fleet hasnt been able to progress past teir 3 for a month now due to it, you said it was fixed in nov 21 patch notes...... atleast do us the service of tellign us to go stuff ourselfs . telling someone u fixed something u didnt is worse then saying nothing or telling them to f*off

acolades, the right ones do give a 2% buff to this or that most of my chars have a extra 6% or so defence and damage if there older characters. id settle for fleet projects alowing us to contribute, yeah they cost way to much but its even worse when they wont take 1 or enuther impute and your que's stall even though you have the resources

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