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11-28-2012, 11:54 AM
I run an all-cannon cruiser on one of my characters.

4 cannons on the front.
4 turrets on the back.
All are the same type (with as many [Acc] modifiers as possible).

Engineering consoles: SIF Generator, 2x hull plating (electroceramic ATM for Borg defence, but swap as needed), Plasma distribution manifold.

Science Consoles: Emitter Array x2, Biofunction Monitor

Tactical consoles match the weapon type.

For your devices, drop the aux battery and pick up the subspace modulator thingy from the Devidian sub-arc, it'll give you emergency survivability. I'd also swap the engine batteries for Deuterium.

I'm not entirely sure of the BOff setup on a star cruiser (I do have one somewhere, but I'm not in it ATM), but on my Heavy Cruiser retrofit I found it essential to have an Emergency Power to Weapons ability, to help mitigate the power drain of the 8 cannons. I'd also go for at least 1 copy of Tactical Team 1 (2 if you can fit them), and either a cannon rapid fire or a scatter volley.