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11-28-2012, 12:55 PM
All I can say is... WOW.

I wish I had found this thread a month ago when I first tried that annoying Convoy!

I've never managed to complete it, and now after reading this thread.... I know why!

I am a disgrace to my Empire!

I sacrificed my ideals of "being a Klingon" by giving up my ability to Cloak, in favor of a cool looking ship!

Being able to cloak, is part of what it means to be KLINGON!

How could I have forgotten that most basic aspect of being a Klingon commander in the KDF???

Alas... I got tired of flying Klingon Raptor's and so went and bought a Nausicaan Scourge to try something different, and got so used to that as my primary ship that I just kept using it, and it never occurred to me that I could just as easily use a Raptor on this Convoy mission, and cloak, to race ahead of the convoy for a full frontal assault before the freighters cross the bouys!

I was taking my Scourge in there, flying in full speed to catch up, with a full on assault on the rear most freighters then taking out the Fed Escort while the front freighters crossed the middle bouy triggering in Fed reinforcements, which I, of course, get suckered into taking on, just cause I'm in this 'oh-so cool' looking Nausicaan Destroyer that looks all freaky and menacing on the Fed's viewscreen and causes that Fed Captain to just go.. (imagine bad Shakespearean stage acting here with bad english accent) "Oh no's! It's a big mean Klingon in a really scary Nausicaan Destroyer, he's gonna tear my precious Sovereign to pieces! Run awaaaay! Run awaaaay!"

Its those damn Naussican's and their cool looking destroyers! They're diluting the Klingon culture!

That does it! I'm reprimanding my Nausicaan BoFF down to 'ship's chef' as soon as I get home tonight! No.. no! He's gonna be scrubbing the plasma manifolds! I'm not gonna risk letting him tamper with my Gagh stew tonight! Damn Nausicaan's and their cool looking ships!

Making us Klingon's stray from who we are as a naval force...

Just picked up a brand new Qin Raptor over the weekend, though not entirely pleased with the BoFF layout, I'm used to having 2 tac, 2 eng, and whatever Sci that I can get... So I'm gonna have to work some changes into my BoFF's to take full advantage of what the Qin has to offer...

Ok, also, now to be fair to up and coming KDF commanders interested in these alternative ships available to us. The Nausicaan Scourge Destroyer is an excellent ship... I loved its turn rate, though at times it felt like I was trying to fly a Cue-Ball with wings! So it took some getting used to and in my opinion its forward firing arch seemed a little better then that of a Raptor's though I could be wrong there. It may have just been the outward design appearance of the ship and the way it flies, just gives the impression of a slightly wider firing arch...

Also, to be fair... using the Scourge on this Convoy part of the Pi Canis Sortie Bravo mission; though it took a few tries... I did manage to pillage 3 of the required 5 freighters and 3 is enough to declare the mission a success, but not enough to achieve the "optional goal" on the overall Pi Canis Sortie Bravo mission...

So as this thread clearly explains with all its invaluable advice; plan out your course of attack on this Convoy before you rush into it, and take a fast ship with strong front end DPS and a Cloak; and most important... watch your power levels!

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