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Originally Posted by coldbeer72 View Post
Can anyone suggest a 'budget' build for the sci version, scrimped and saved my dil to get this baby but feel that she is less effective than the RSV that she replaced!
Don,t really want to spend hours on dil farming to get all the 'supa dupa' gear before i can really enjoy her!!!
So if anyone can suggest an EC gear based build for one who is not rolling in Zen it would be greatly appreciated.
Running 5 AP beam arrays and cluster transphasic and 3 AP tac consoles,,but everything else is a bit of a punt at the moment.
What gear do you have console wise? How much EC do you want to spend? What are your goals for playing, and which aspects of the Vesta are you not liking compared to your RSV?

Originally Posted by trhrangerxml View Post
While I want Aux Turrets and Beams, I agree that the Aux DHC are something special to the Vesta to give it an edge and once Thursdays patch goes live I will need to rethink my current Vesta build again.
What's coming down the pipeline that will disrupt Vesta builds? Or do you mean you have consider the Cutting Beam now that your Omega Crate should be openable?

Edit: From the Tribble Release notes:
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
  • Vesta ships now get a recharge reduction on launching Hangar Pets from Auxiliary Power.
  • Reduced Vesta Quantum Field Focus Phaser bonus from Particle Generators.
    • Quantum Field Focus Phaser now receives the same total level of bonus from Particle Generators as all weapons receive from Weapons Training and Energy Weapons Training Skill - including comparable lance weapons.
    • Slightly increased base damage of Quantum Field Focus Phaser.
  • Vesta Quantum Field Focus Phaser and Aux Cannon can no longer be brought down when weapons go offline.
    • These weapons will still go down when Auxiliary does offline.
Very interesting... Will have to see if the deflector phaser ends up more or less powerful with my build (7 points in Particle Gens.) The hangar actually getting a cooldown buff from Aux is a good thing. The Aux cannons being linked to only Aux power sounds like a balance issue to me, unless no one in PvP uses higher ranks of sub-system targeting... However, I'll enjoy being able to fire in Tholian Red Alerts, while it lasts.

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