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11-28-2012, 01:06 PM
It isn't even the time, if I want to I can turn on full grind mode and pump out some dilithium. That isn't the point though, because when I'm doing that I'm *not having fun*. That's the point. I'm even fine with them making it take an average of 4 hours per day to hit 8k (which is wierd, I never play that much and I thought I was a "normal" player??).

What needs to happen though is the opportunities to gain dilithium at a rate of ~33 dilithium per minute spent actively doing something.

They could make short doff missions return more dikithium. They could make story missions award dilithium based on average completion times. Anything!

Honestly, they should just go through and average the completion times for everything in the game and give whatever activity that is a dilithium award that meets that requirment. Then it would be fair. It encourages regular play, but it doesn't force you to grind content you don't like.

If they want more cash, link that up with gold status somehow. Make the current system work for silvers, with specific content that has specific dilithium rewards that change on a schedule, and for golds everything rewards dilithium.

The only downside is that they would actually meet their stated goals of dilithium generation. Sadly, I think that's why they won't do it, because their stated goal of making dilithium generation more equitable and related to a "time based currency" is not the real motive. The real motive is to encourage Zen sales by giving "valid" dilithium opportunities that no-one *really* wants to play. That way they can point to them and say, "look, you don't *have* to pay Zen for this stuff, you can do all these missions!", even though they know most casual players won't *want* to spend their daily gaming session playing the same ten missions over and over and over day after day.