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11-28-2012, 12:08 PM
The best course of action would be to obtain a respec token and set up your character's skills like this.

The star cruiser excels at one thing and that's tanking. This build is designed to keep you alive the longest, while still providing a modest amount of damage. For the build, run 1x Dual Beam Bank, 2x Beam Array, and 1x Quantum Torpedo in fore with 3x Beam array and 1x Quantum Mine Launcher in aft. For engineering consoles run 3x Neutronium Alloy (last undine episode reward) and 1x EPS. For Science run 2x Field Generator and 1x Universal - Borg Assimilated module (first undine episode reward). For Tactical run 2x Tetryon Pulse. This build will maximize your damage potential while keeping you alive, but it will still be nothing compared to using an escort.

You are a tactical captain, if you want to reach your full potential you need to be flying an escort. I use this build to great effect in PvE (if you use an escort, use this build instead of the above)

Power levels:
Weapons: 100
Shields: 25
Engines: 50
Aux: 25

Weapons fore:
2x Dual Heavy Cannons, 1x Dual Beam Bank, 1x Quantum Torpedo launcher

Weapons aft:
2x Turret, 1x Quantum Torpedo launcher

Full Omega Force Space Set MK XII

Engineering Consoles:
3x Neutronium Alloy

Science Consoles:
1x Universal - Subspace Jumper (from the ferengi lockbox)
1x Universal - Borg Assimilated Module

Tactical Consoles:
4x [Energy Type] Console (in my case 4x Phaser Relay)

Duty Officers:
1x Conn Officer (Evasive maneuvers cooldown reduction)
2x Conn Officer (Tactical Team Cooldown reduction and Attack Pattern Buff)
2x Projectile Weapons Officer (Torpedo Cooldown reduction chance)

Please note that the build is unorthodox because I do not run any cannon buff abilities (personally I hate them). However, the build excels because you are able to fire a beam overload and a buffed torpedo every 15 seconds, and attack patterns are up 90% of the time. It also permits a decent amount of tanking. I hope this information helps you whatever build you decide to run. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to help.