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11-28-2012, 12:11 PM
[Combat (Fleet)] Cryptic Crits (200000) Dilithium to Small Fleets with Starbase Featured Project

Kidding aside, while many of these do look nice I still maintain that 200,000 dilithium is a very steep price for just a cosmetic upgrade that players should be able to do themselves with their fleet bases.

Will future fleet projects have say a utility to them (i.e. bloodwine toast, wandering NPCs etc...) or are they just going to remain cosmetic?

Will we ever have the ability to customize our starbase interiors or will every fleet's look exactly the same?

Will the prices of these featured projects be reduced, especially since you are hitting us with multiple ones now?

I mean when you break these down into what Zen costs (I know the market fluctuates) this comes to a cash equivalent of ~$13.00 bucks per fleet. No matter how you get the dilithium (grinded for time or purchased) or how many people contribute (10 or 100) it still holds the same approximate cash value per fleet. To me, "decorations" do not really provide much value.

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