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# 21 kdf SB still bugged 2
11-28-2012, 01:26 PM
yeah KDF have same issue been waiting a month to do any upgrades i 2 would liek to see atleast 1 months less timer. weve had ppl quit, weve had lifers go to other games, im about ready to go to enuther game im sick of telling ppl sorry its still bugg, sorry i havnt goten a response from a gm, sorry they keep deleting our tickets without replys. sorry sorry sorry, fix it guys im sorry i even started a starbase, we did have 475 memebers but were down to 320 something now. most of them didnt go to other fleets they just went some befor the bug but atleast 50-100 in last month (most ppl had 3 or more chars so thats probly only 20 acounts but thery were ppl that i used to enjoy playing with before you made it so all we do is grind then made even that pontless