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Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
I don't think so. How many people actually go to an entirely separate forum for their tech issues? At least with an STO Forum tech section, you know that any help you're getting is for STO specifically.

If anything, the PWE support forum is pointless, because players will post in their own forums first before going to a generic tech support forum.

Part 1: Oh. I thought that was sort of a "duh" thing this time around, but I guess you have to say that.

Part 2: It's not that I'm not notified - I AM notified, but after I've logged in and looked around the forums a bit, ALL of my subscribed threads are marked as read, even if I haven't looked at them specifically.
You're forgetting the reason the global Tech Support forum was created in the first place. The individual tech support forums are generally for players to get help from other players for their technical issues since the creation of the global forum. If players are seeking GM/dev help for their issue, they're more likely to get a response at the global forum as the Tech Support team had wanted to provide a single location to monitor for game issues as opposed to monitoring 13 individual game forums--not exactly an easy task.

As quoted from Darth in the original announcement sticky:

The tech support department has wanted this for a long time, so that we can communicate faster, easier, and more reliably in one location.
Therefore it's not pointless--both the individual and the global TS forums have their role. The individual forum basically is now for help from other players, the global forum is more for those wanting/requiring a GM response or the PWE Tech Support team to look it over in more detail.
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